Monday, January 5, 2015

A Leaky Roof and God's View of His Children

It was not what I wanted to come home to: Not one but two leaks! And as it turns out with some leaks water is not visible until damage has already been done, as evidence by the buckling ceiling in one room. Meanwhile, the leak where I could see water was causing a wall to crumble before my eyes. For the record, praising the Lord is not an easy task when it is raining inside the house. With a major repair looming over the horizon I began to pray, trying my best not to give in to the temptation to shake my fist up at heaven. That's when God showed me something far beyond my current problems.

Where I could only see water, God revealed a fresh start. Where I saw a problem, God revealed potential. Above all, where I could only see crumbling drywall God revealed the finished product of a total renovation: one that was overdue even before the rain came in. It is in the vision of this finished product that I saw how God sees his children.

When God looks at his children he sees the finished product. Yes, He knows we each fall way short of the mark. He is familiar with our struggles and knows we often do just the opposite of what he requires. He also knows that when he made us his temple he took the deed to a handy man's special. With all this he sees the end product and is able to rejoice.

As I said amen I found I had two reasons to praise God (one for each leak). Through God's eyes I saw both the work He will do on my house and the work he will do on my character. In both cases the end product is filled with promise. It took a leaky roof for me to better understand what God is doing. With eyes wide open I am excited about the future.

Are you a fixer upper who is excited about the work God is doing in your life?

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